A Truck Driver’s Load Fell from Their Vehicle and Caused Me to Engage in an Accident. Can I Sue Them?

While there are certain rules and regulations that stipulate how much weight a commercial truck can carry, the same rules don’t always apply to smaller trucks that are operated by private companies. Although vehicles in Illinois do have weight limitations, many smaller companies that only have one or two vehicles being utilized daily will load their trucks with more weight than the vehicle is equipped to handle. Not only does this put the driver at risk, but it also places the motorists traveling around them at risk as well.

When a truck is loaded with more weight than the vehicle can handle, it can cause a number of issues to arise which include:

  • The load could fall off the vehicle and into the path of other vehicles traveling nearby.
  • The heavy load could cause the truck to get a flat tire which could lead to it to spinning out of control or veering off into another driver’s lane.
  • The vehicle could become worn down and potentially defective if used consistently to transport heavier loads than it is able to carry.

If you were recently involved in an accident with a truck driver in Chicago, IL whose load exceeded its vehicle’s weight limitations causing complications with the vehicle, the truck accident lawyers at Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. are available to speak with you and determine if you have a valid case on your hands.

Many private trucking companies, especially those that aren’t held to the high standards as those in commerce, often neglect to monitor how much weight is being placed on their vehicles. And when their driver engages in an accident as a result of transporting a heavy load, they often refute the allegations made against them in an effort to avoid having to pay for the damages they cause other drivers involved to suffer from. And even when they don’t, you may find that the insurer responsible for compensating you will offer you a settlement for an amount that doesn’t quite cover your property damage expenses as well as your injuries.

When this happens, many victims will choose to file a personal injury lawsuit against the company and even the driver and demand that they be paid for the actual value of their damages. In order to determine what this amount is and to successfully file a lawsuit, it is best you have one of our dedicated truck accident lawyers in Chicago IL helping you along with the process. Our attorneys have a great deal of experience in litigating cases involving negligent truck drivers and trucking companies and can help you prove that the driver and/or company could have prevented the accident had they monitored the weight that was being placed on their vehicles.

If you would like to speak with one of our attorneys regarding your accident and learn more about how we can help you recover a fair and adequate settlement for your injuries, contact us now by calling 1-312-384-1920.

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