How do I know if a nursing home in Illinois is licensed and is complying with federal regulations?

The Nursing Home Care Act states that “No person may establish, operate, maintain, offer or advertise a facility within this State unless and until he obtains a valid license therefor as hereinafter provided, which license remains unsuspended, unrevoked and unexpired” [Source: 210 ILCS 45/3-102]. The law also states that “No public official or employee may place any person in, or recommend that any person be placed in, or directly or indirectly cause any person to be placed in any facility which is being operated without a valid license.”

Section 3-101 of the Nursing Home Care Act stipulates that nursing homes and other long-term care facilities are required to obtain the proper licensure for the purpose of:

  1. “Protecting the health, welfare, and safety of residents.”
  2. “Assuring the accountability for reimbursed care provided in certified facilities participating in a federal or State health program.”

Three Maryland Residents Indicted After Being Accused of Operating Unlicensed Assisted Living Facilities

It was back in July 2019, when Patch.com reported that “three Baltimore residents were indicted for operating unlicensed assisted living facilities.” The indictment “stems from a 2015 investigation into Neiswanger Management Services LLC (NMS), a corporation that operated five nursing homes throughout Maryland.” The state determined during the investigation that NMS “was unlawfully discharging or “dumping” their nursing home patients at sham unlicensed assisted living facilities in the Baltimore area.”

Fast-forward a few years to 2018. After the state discovered that NMS was moving residents out of their facilities and into homes that had not received the proper licensure, the company decided to settle with the state and agreed it would “stop running nursing facilities.” The company also agreed to pay the state $2.2 million.  But the state decided to “launch an investigation into the operators of the unlicensed facilities,” says the news source.

During the investigation, it was discovered that the operators of the company were financially exploiting disabled residents and there was even evidence of abuse and neglect uncovered. Search warrants were obtained and investigators found that the homes were overcrowded and the living conditions were “deplorable.” Bedbugs and mice were only some of the issues that contributed to the unsafe and unhealthy environments investigators discovered residents had been living in.

Here are the three individuals who were indicted after the state learned they had been operating unlicensed assisted living facilities in Maryland:

  1. Troy Desante Brown, 44. Brown allegedly was running two homes located at 113 Allendale Street and 766 N. Grantley Street, both located in Baltimore City.

Brown has been charged with “operating an unlicensed assisted living facility, Medicaid fraud, felony theft scheme, extortion, exploitation of a vulnerable adult, embezzlement, forgery, welfare fraud, perjury, and tax fraud.”

  1. Sharon Prunella Isaac, 52. Isaac was allegedly running unlicensed facilities located at:
  • 6212 Norvo Road in Baltimore County and;
  • 3905 W. Forest Park Avenue
  • 1010 Walnut Avenue
  • 2815 Ulman Avenue
  • 3727 Overview Road
  • 4009 Barrington Road
  • 3908 Boarman Avenue all in Baltimore City

Isaac has been charged with “operating an unlicensed assisted living facility, Medicaid fraud, first-degree assault, first-degree abuse or neglect of a vulnerable adult, felony theft scheme, extortion, embezzlement, exploitation of a vulnerable adult, identity fraud, forgery, perjury, welfare fraud, and tax fraud.”

  1. Barbara Jean Parker, 60. Parker is said to have been operating an unlicensed home located at 2817 Ulman Avenue in Baltimore.

Parker was charged with “operating an unlicensed assisted living facility, felony theft scheme, identity fraud, exploitation of a vulnerable adult, embezzlement, and tax fraud.”

When a person or company decides to operate an unlicensed nursing home, they are not only breaking the law but also creating more unsafe and unhealthy environments for our aging population to live in.

How can I check to see if a nursing home is licensed in Chicago, IL or is complying with state/federal regulations?

When choosing a nursing home for a loved one to live in, you must research potential homes before settling on a facility. One of the most important things you should do during your search is check to see if the home is licensed and if it has had any violations recorded in the past few years. You can check to see if a home is licensed by contacting the Illinois Department of Public Health and you can use Medicare’s nursing home compare tool to determine if a facility you are interested in has had any violations recorded during inspections.

Who can I contact if a loved one of mine was subjected to living in an unsafe nursing home where staff subjected them to abuse and/or neglect?

The Chicago, IL nursing home abuse attorneys at Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. are here to help you if your family member in Chicago was a victim of elder abuse and/or neglect. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience in handling nursing home abuse cases and we are confident we can help you recognize the facility for its wrongdoing and help your loved one obtain the justice they deserve. If you would like to speak with one of our dedicated and compassionate Chicago, IL nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers, contact our office today at 1-312-384-1920.

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