Is There a Right Time to Move an Aging Relative Who Suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease into a Nursing Home?

The answer to this question is subjective as it all depends on your circumstances, access to resources, and ability to provide for your loved one. However, we are sharing with you below some things to consider that may be able to aid you in making a decision regarding this.

Caring for an elderly relative isn’t exactly an easy job, especially when they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. This disease occurs in different stages, each containing various symptoms. Some of the common symptoms and behavior that is often associated with Alzheimer’s, some of which your loved one might already be experiencing, include:


  • A steady decline in memory
  • Issues with recognizing family and friends
  • Wandering
  • Unable to learn new things
  • They struggle with paying bills and handling money.
  • They take longer to complete their daily tasks.
  • They are unable to learn new things.
  • They might experience hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.
  • Unable to communicate.
  • They are dangerous or disruptive.


[Source: National Institute on Aging].


Because Alzheimer’s is “an irreversible, progressive brain disorder,” it is likely that the symptoms associated with the illness will only worsen as time goes on. This can make caring for an aging relative who suffers from it a bit of a challenge, especially when they begin to require around the clock care or show signs of moderate to severe Alzheimer’s. When either circumstance arises, it might be a good time to assess your options in terms of getting your loved one the care they need and require.


One option many often consider is placing their loved one to live in a nursing home. Nursing homes are designed in such a way so that those who are relocated to live in one have access to care and assistance whenever they might need it. If you currently caring for a loved one and are considering relocating him or her into a home in Chicago, IL or a nearby area, here are a few things to consider that may assist as you try to decide if now is the right time to move him or her.


  • “People with Alzheimer’s disease need a safe, healthy, structured environment.” While many individuals are able to structure their lives and their homes in a way so that they can provide this to their loved one, others may not have the resources available to them to do this. If you aren’t able to monitor your loved one in their own home or provide them with another place to live that offers this type of environment, you might consider placing them in a nursing home.


  • “People with Alzheimer’s disease usually need an increasing level of care and assistance as time goes by.” Because Alzheimer’s is a progressive disease, it is common for a patient’s condition to worsen over time. As their condition worsens, they are going to require consistent care and assistance. Unfortunately, many individuals have families to care for and a job to maintain and find the demand to care for their loved one on an on-going basis too difficult to keep up with.


  • “Adult daycare programs and part-time help, whether hired or offered by other family members and friends, are options for some caregivers.” Nursing homes don’t exactly have to be your first option to turn to. There are adult daycare programs available if you are still able to care for your loved one at certain times throughout the day as well as the option to hire part-time help. For those who can afford it and are open to these options, daycare or part-time help might be a better option until you feel a nursing home is what your loved one needs.


  • “Your physical and emotional health is as important as that of the person you’re caring for.” It can be taxing on your mind and body to care for an aging relative, especially when they suffer from Alzheimer’s. And if you are finding that your physical and emotional health is declining as you are struggling to take care of your loved one, perhaps you might consider seeking additional help or moving them into a nursing home.


  • “Deciding to put your relative in a nursing home is not a sign of failure in your role as a caregiver.” Many individuals tend to feel guilty or shameful for wanting to move their loved one into a nursing home but sometimes, providing the care that will enable them to maintain their health and wellness is too much for one person with other obligations to do. Therefore, when considering whether to move your loved one into a nursing home, think about whether the care you can provide them with is enough or if they would be better off under the care of trained and qualified staff.

[Source: Dartmouth-Hitchcock].

One thing we would like you to remain cognizant of during this time is that there are facilities out there that are unable to provide quality care their residents, which is partially due to understaffing and poorly trained workers. So, it is very important that you are especially cautious when choosing a nursing home to move your relative into. If you would like help with this, the Chicago, IL nursing home abuse attorneys at Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. may be able to provide you with some insight as to how to choose the best facility.

Our office also provides services to those who have a relative who is currently living in a nursing home who has been the subject of abuse or neglect. If you need to speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer now, we are available to assist you in any way we can.


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