What are the Different Types of Nursing Home Violations in Illinois and How Can I Check to See if a Facility in Chicago Has Any on Record?

When a nursing home is inspected to ensure the facility and its staff meets state and federal standards, it is sometimes brought to the attention of the inspector that a violation has occurred within the home. Aside from routine checks, violations are also discovered when an incident is reported. These violations do range in severity and are classified as a certain type. The four types of violations the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act identifies include Type AA, Type A, Type B, and Type C.


  • What is a Type AA violation?


According to Sec. 1-128.5 of the Act, “A Type AA violation means a violation of this Act or of the rules promulgated thereunder which creates a condition or occurrence relating to the operation and maintenance of a facility that proximately caused a resident’s death.” For example, if a nursing home worker neglected a resident by failing to monitor and tend to the patient as required which led to him or her falling and suffering a fatal injury, this violation would likely be classified as a Type AA violation.

If you are looking to relocate a loved one into a nursing home in Chicago, IL, read on below for some tips on how to choose a facility as you won’t want to place a parent, grandparent, or any other family member in a facility that has Type AA violations on file.


  • Type A Violation


A Type A violation involves a facility’s condition that “creates a substantial probability that the risk of death or serious mental or physical harm to a resident will result therefrom.” An incident that involves a resident suffering physical or mental harm would also be classified into the Type A violation category.


  • Type B Violation


If the conditions within the nursing home are in violation of the Act and substantially increase the chances of a resident suffering minimal physical or mental harm, the home would receive a Type B violation.


  • Type C Violations in Nursing Homes 

If the conditions found in the home violate one or more sections of the Act which “creates a substantial probability that less than minimal physical or mental harm to a resident will result therefrom,” it would be classified as a Type C violation.


If your loved one suffered any type of injury as a result of a facility and/or employee failing to follow one or more sections of the Act, contact one of our experienced nursing home abuse lawyers in Chicago, IL and allow us to explain to you what forms of legal recourse are available so that justice is served for your loved one’s suffering.


How do I know which nursing homes have had violations filed against them during an inspection?


There are a few online tools you can take advantage of that will help you identify nursing homes in Chicago and all throughout the state of Illinois that have had violations filed against them. The first way you can check to see if a violation was filed is by reading through the quarterly reports that the Illinois Department of Public Health uploads online. These reports will show which facilities had violations and the type that was recorded. The next tool you can turn to is the Nursing Home Compare tool provided on behalf of Medicare.gov. This tool allows you to compare nursing homes in specific cities and find out how they rank using Medicare’s five-star rating system.


Aside from checking for violations, if you are planning on moving a relative into a nursing home, consider reading through the tips provided by Illinois Department of Public Health on how to choose a nursing home for your loved one to live in.


In the event you have a family member who is already living in a nursing home in Chicago, IL and you believe he or she is a victim of abuse or neglect, you are encouraged to contact Dinizulu Law Group, Ltd. to speak with a licensed IL nursing home abuse attorney. At our firm, we take all allegations seriously and will do all that we can to ensure your matter is resolved and your loved one is relocated to home that is free from harm and neglect.


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