Civil rights law

Forced Arbitration & Worker Safety – What is at Stake?

  It is estimated that more than half of all American workers are subject to forced arbitration clauses. When this happens, employees can either choose to keep their jobs or sign a contract in which they forfeit their right to sue the company should a dispute arise. Signing an arbitration ... [Continue Reading]

Hate Crimes Are Rising Fast. What Can You Do?

 The FBI just released that 2016 was the second year in a row that hate crimes have gone up nationwide. 2017 may be the third. In Chicago, Illinois, there have been 39 hate crimes just in the first half of 2017. The Police Department has been keeping electronic records of hate crimes since 2012. ... [Continue Reading]

I Was Assaulted While Celebrating My Engagement

Pamela Dixon was celebrating her engagement in a public park when suddenly she was assaulted by the park’s security guard.  Left injured and confused, she didn’t know what to do.  When she contacted the employer of the security guard about the assault, it was as if the incident didn’t happen, and ... [Continue Reading]

Who Has The Power To Enforce Laws?

When the United States established our institution of government through the Constitution the jury system was enshrined in that document. The 6th and 7th amendment were later added to the Constitution and protected the right to juries in criminal and civil cases. But still more was needed to ... [Continue Reading]

3 Reasons To Go To Jury Duty

Juries are an important part of the justice system in America and a pillar of our democracy. Our constitution guarantees citizens receive a fair trial that is overseen by an impartial jury. Not only does this create confidence that our laws will apply equally to all, but this is also one of the ... [Continue Reading]

Civil Rights Law & Your Privacy: When Biometrics Use Goes Too Far

In 2007, Illinois passed the Biometric Information Privacy Act. Biometrics, as you may already know, pertain to unique physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, iris scans, DNA and face geometry, that help identify an individual. Facial recognition technologies have made the collection of ... [Continue Reading]

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