Truck Accident Prevention & Safe Travel For The Holidays

  Many of us are traveling during the holidays to see family and friends. While it’s exciting to see loved ones again, it’s important to keep safety rules in mind as highways get more congested. Retailers and online stores rely on trucking companies to keep their shelves stocked or get ... [Continue Reading]

Preventing Truck Accidents in Winter Weather

As you may already know, winter weather requires us to be more careful on the roadway. To stay safe we can: Drive at a reduce speed Brake slowly and appropriately so as not to skid Watch out for icy surfaces, especially on bridges Clean snow and ice off our windshield properly before ... [Continue Reading]

Verbal Threats Are Still Nursing Home Abuse

  When we think of nursing home abuse, we often think of elderly residents being hurt physically when care is lacking in a nursing home facility. Issues that often come to mind are: Bed sores Dehydration or malnutrition Soiled clothes or linens Bruises Untreated ... [Continue Reading]

When Forced Feeding is Nursing Home Abuse

  As our loved ones age, their appetites may diminish or they may have health conditions that cause difficulty in eating and swallowing food. When this happens it’s important that our loved ones are not malnourished or dehydrated due to a reduced nutrient intake. Long-term residential ... [Continue Reading]

Quality Care Harder to Find for Residents with Mental Health Issues

  Our elderly loved ones often need care in a nursing home if they face a mental condition like Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. This study performed by the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry in New York found that nursing homes with the highest Medicare ... [Continue Reading]

What Measures Should Nursing Homes Take to Prevent Infections?

  Because of the number of patients they house, large residential facilities such as nursing homes are more prone to infections and contagious diseases. But there are precautions and safety measures nursing homes are expected to know and follow that prevent the spread of disease, and can ... [Continue Reading]

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