Truck Accident

Truck Accident Prevention & Safe Travel For The Holidays

  Many of us are traveling during the holidays to see family and friends. While it’s exciting to see loved ones again, it’s important to keep safety rules in mind as highways get more congested. Retailers and online stores rely on trucking companies to keep their shelves stocked or get ... [Continue Reading]

Preventing Truck Accidents in Winter Weather

As you may already know, winter weather requires us to be more careful on the roadway. To stay safe we can: Drive at a reduce speed Brake slowly and appropriately so as not to skid Watch out for icy surfaces, especially on bridges Clean snow and ice off our windshield properly before ... [Continue Reading]

Vehicle Failure: A Main Cause of Truck Accidents in Chicago & Nationwide

Truck accidents often occur because the parts in the truck are not in proper working order. Laws and regulations in place require trucking companies to maintain their vehicles, conduct thorough inspections, and ensure that vehicles are safe before they get on the road. Sadly, this is not the case. ... [Continue Reading]

Truck Accidents Often Turn Deadly Due to “Underriding”

  There were close to 4,000 fatal truck accidents in 2016, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This number has been on the rise since 2009, and is expected to continue rising unless safety rules and other preventive measure are put in place. Most truck crash ... [Continue Reading]

Is Driver Safety in Jeopardy? A Push Towards Increased Cargo Weight in Trucks

  The federal government, through the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires that the trucks that operate on our roadways carry loads weighing no more than 80,000 lbs. While a few exceptions and higher weight limits apply to ... [Continue Reading]

Intoxicated Motorcyclist Hospitalized After Slamming into Semi Truck on Rte. 59

Accidents are happening all around us. During the early morning hours and even late at night, drivers are getting involved in preventable accidents that result in them suffering from life-threatening injuries that have the potential to affect them for weeks, months, and even years. But, with drivers ... [Continue Reading]

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